Inspired by the Garden

On Tuesday, 21 February Art Priori will open a new art exhibition that creates the moods on the walls of the restaurant during next three months.

The title of the exhibition is: Inspired by the Garden.

The garden, which usually covers the tables of the restaurant, will this time also cover its walls. Art Priori will be showcasing a collection of works by various contemporary Estonian painters – each of whom has been touched by the garden in their own way – offering spirited interpretations of a natural and contemplative space that has offered subject matter to artists throughout time. Realistic or abstract, straightforward or conditional views of gardens and the moments inspired by gardens, all help to make Art Priori both colourful and diverse, leading us into the spring we have been longing for over the long winter.

The curator and organiser of the exhibition is Haus Gallery, www.haus.ee

All the works are for sale, in case of interest please turn to the waiters of Art Priori. 

We wish you all a nice time with art!