How to paint Orchids?

Art Priori Restaurant and Art Gallery and Mileedi Lilleärid are very proud to pronounce their unique cooperation where excellent food and beautiful flowers come together. “How to paint Orchids?” the third “How to paint…?” event, from Art Priori, will make a connection between springtime food, fruity wines and thé symbol of elegancy in flowers, the Orchid, or Orchidaceae in Latin. Mileedi Lilleärid, represented by Mr. Alari Suurmets, will make a connection with the deliquately chosen dishes from our headchef Mart Klaas. The restaurant will be “a sea of Orchids Flowers”. So beautiful, that before you experience the triangle between food, wines, and the art of orchids, we will invite press and magazines to shortly glimpse the same beautiful flowers sea!

“How to paint Orchids?”

is the result of a detailed project between Art Priori and Mileedi Lilleärid in how to cherish respected guests and true and longterm customers. Both organizations believe this theme will be repeated because of assured expected success. During the evening, 5 most beautiful Orchids are inspirations for 5 springtime dishes and 5 refreshing and well connecting fruity wines chosen by our sommeliers.

Orchids, will light up your jump to summer on the 9th of May, in the perfect Mileedi and Art Priori ambiance!

Price: 115 euro, (including VAT)
welcoming drink
5 course degustation
5 course wine degustation
entertainment “Sea of Orchids”
Orchid included
all other drinks excluded

Booking and payment in advance so we can prepare a fantastic Orchid evening for you!

RSVP latest 6th of May
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