February, with a romantic “Valentines Day”, surprising “How to Paint Portugal?”, a new refreshing “Garden Art Exhibition” and a trendy traditional “Independence Day” Week Menu, is almost coming to an end. Time to inform you about leaving Art Priori’s warm winter months and starting up some early spring events and Art Priori ‘s triangle, food-art-wine, experiences.

FIRST, from the 1st of March, Art Priori is delighted and very happy to announce it’s completely new 4, 6 and 8 courses degustation menu! Mart Klaas, our passionate head chef and his dedicated team, show(s) again that his care and high standards in food are reaching the highest levels by sophisticated simplicity and true honesty in using beautiful Estonian products. In his designs he makes a connection with the new Garden Exhibition and the first pop ups in Spring Season, preparing you with some extra needed proteins after the cold winter months. 

As a pleasant start up in the March month, on the 8th, we give special attention on ” Females Day”, By tradition a loved day in Estonian culture. Why not celebrating this tradition with us in Art Priori? 

Brings us to the last treat Art Priori has in mind for the last days of March, or early days of April. “How to paint….?”, with unexpected, creative and out of the box theme. For now we keep the third theme in this successful concept a flowery surprise, let’s first invite and challenge your tastes to experience our new and well balanced degustation menu.