Art Priori is ready to embrace the spring season! The presentation of the new art exhibition “Inspired by the garden” and the launch of a refreshing new degustation menu last month brings us to the first seasonal dish, on the menu from coming monday.

This month we give extra attention to our beautiful Master’s Room, for executive business dinners or very special family occasions. If you visit u our waiters and waitresses are happy to show you this beautiful dining room full with paintings from 17th century Dutch and Flemish painters, and the options of this room.

Art Priori gives extra attention to “Secretary Day”, on the 26th of April. Directors, CEO’s and Members of the Board can surprise their assistant to’s, secretaries or administrative professionals for a surprising 4 or 6 course degustation menu plus celebrating extra’s in food and flowery experiences. If you want to surprise your right hand? Don’t hesitate to call to book a table!

Talking about flowery experiences, our next “How to paint….?” event is a fact. For the 9th of May, we have planned in cooperation with “Mileedi”, the main importer of high class flowers in Estonia, a “How to paint Orchids?”. Surprising? Yes! A sea of beautiful orchids surrounded by fruity wines and springy dishes with pleasant season awakening guests. We have high expectations for this third event.

As Eastern is in the weekend of the 16th of April, we would like to mention that the two week changes in our degustation menu is always a reason to try out new dishes from our head chef, Mart Klaas. Art Priori staff is waiting to welcome you!