• May 9, 2017

    How to paint Orchids?

    Art Priori Restaurant and Art Gallery and Mileedi Lilleärid are very proud to pronounce their unique cooperation where excellent food and beautiful flowers come together. “How to paint Orchids?” the third “How to paint…?” event, from Art Priori, will make a connection between springtime food, fruity wines and thé symbol of elegancy in flowers, the Orchid, or Orchidaceae in Latin. Mileedi Lilleärid, represented by Mr. Alari Suurmets, will make a connection with the deliquately chosen dishes from our headchef Mart Klaas. The restaurant will be “a sea of Orchids Flowers”. So beautiful, that before you experience the triangle between food, wines, and the art of orchids, we will invite press and magazines to shortly glimpse the same beautiful flowers sea!

    “How to paint Orchids?”

    is the result of a detailed project between Art Priori and Mileedi Lilleärid in how to cherish respected guests and true and longterm customers. Both organizations believe this theme will be repeated because of assured expected success. During the evening, 5 most beautiful Orchids are inspirations for 5 springtime dishes and 5 refreshing and well connecting fruity wines chosen by our sommeliers.

    Orchids, will light up your jump to summer on the 9th of May, in the perfect Mileedi and Art Priori ambiance!

    Price: 115 euro, (including VAT)
    welcoming drink
    5 course degustation
    5 course wine degustation
    entertainment “Sea of Orchids”
    Orchid included
    all other drinks excluded

    Booking and payment in advance so we can prepare a fantastic Orchid evening for you!

    RSVP latest 6th of May
    Book a table:
    Art Priori Restaurant, Olevimägi 7, Tallinn
    +372 600 3353,

  • April 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017


    Art Priori is ready to embrace the spring season! The presentation of the new art exhibition “Inspired by the garden” and the launch of a refreshing new degustation menu last month brings us to the first seasonal dish, on the menu from coming monday.

    This month we give extra attention to our beautiful Master’s Room, for executive business dinners or very special family occasions. If you visit u our waiters and waitresses are happy to show you this beautiful dining room full with paintings from 17th century Dutch and Flemish painters, and the options of this room.

    Art Priori gives extra attention to “Secretary Day”, on the 26th of April. Directors, CEO’s and Members of the Board can surprise their assistant to’s, secretaries or administrative professionals for a surprising 4 or 6 course degustation menu plus celebrating extra’s in food and flowery experiences. If you want to surprise your right hand? Don’t hesitate to call to book a table!

    Talking about flowery experiences, our next “How to paint….?” event is a fact. For the 9th of May, we have planned in cooperation with “Mileedi”, the main importer of high class flowers in Estonia, a “How to paint Orchids?”. Surprising? Yes! A sea of beautiful orchids surrounded by fruity wines and springy dishes with pleasant season awakening guests. We have high expectations for this third event.

    As Eastern is in the weekend of the 16th of April, we would like to mention that the two week changes in our degustation menu is always a reason to try out new dishes from our head chef, Mart Klaas. Art Priori staff is waiting to welcome you!

  • April 11, 2017 - April 17, 2017

    Eastern in Art Priori

    Dear friends of Art Priori, with a springlike menu, a passionate kitchen and our welcoming staff, Art Priori is ready to give you the best Eastern experience.

    A family dinner? A intimate togethersome with your loved one(s)?

    Reasons enough to make Art Priori the place to make Eastern an unforgettable one!

  • March 1, 2017

    New Menu Art Priori!

    Our headchef Mart Klaas is ready to unleash 8 breathtaking dishes. The tenderly made duck, the lovely beetroot and the unexpectedly pleasant porridge, it is time to offer you a new palet of tasty food experiences.

    Our winter veins need to wake up with a tiny bit of extra proteins where sparkling fish degustations and solid meat courses will be combined with Art Priori’s well known passion for Nordic veggies. Because of the long winter period our passionate kitchen team offer some extra energy to start enjoying the awaking springseason.

    As we offer from now on a change of one of the 8 dishes in every two weeks, you will experience even more creativity and flexibility in our degustation.

  • March 1, 2017 - March 31, 2017


    February, with a romantic “Valentines Day”, surprising “How to Paint Portugal?”, a new refreshing “Garden Art Exhibition” and a trendy traditional “Independence Day” Week Menu, is almost coming to an end. Time to inform you about leaving Art Priori’s warm winter months and starting up some early spring events and Art Priori ‘s triangle, food-art-wine, experiences.

    FIRST, from the 1st of March, Art Priori is delighted and very happy to announce it’s completely new 4, 6 and 8 courses degustation menu! Mart Klaas, our passionate head chef and his dedicated team, show(s) again that his care and high standards in food are reaching the highest levels by sophisticated simplicity and true honesty in using beautiful Estonian products. In his designs he makes a connection with the new Garden Exhibition and the first pop ups in Spring Season, preparing you with some extra needed proteins after the cold winter months. 

    As a pleasant start up in the March month, on the 8th, we give special attention on ” Females Day”, By tradition a loved day in Estonian culture. Why not celebrating this tradition with us in Art Priori? 

    Brings us to the last treat Art Priori has in mind for the last days of March, or early days of April. “How to paint….?”, with unexpected, creative and out of the box theme. For now we keep the third theme in this successful concept a flowery surprise, let’s first invite and challenge your tastes to experience our new and well balanced degustation menu.

  • February 21, 2017

    Inspired by the Garden

    On Tuesday, 21 February Art Priori will open a new art exhibition that creates the moods on the walls of the restaurant during next three months.

    The title of the exhibition is: Inspired by the Garden.

    The garden, which usually covers the tables of the restaurant, will this time also cover its walls. Art Priori will be showcasing a collection of works by various contemporary Estonian painters – each of whom has been touched by the garden in their own way – offering spirited interpretations of a natural and contemplative space that has offered subject matter to artists throughout time. Realistic or abstract, straightforward or conditional views of gardens and the moments inspired by gardens, all help to make Art Priori both colourful and diverse, leading us into the spring we have been longing for over the long winter.

    The curator and organiser of the exhibition is Haus Gallery,

    All the works are for sale, in case of interest please turn to the waiters of Art Priori. 

    We wish you all a nice time with art! 

  • February 9, 2017

    “How to paint Portugal?”

    Art Priori is happy to announce…Its second “How to paint…?” event on Thursday, the 9th of February 2017, at 19.30.

    This successful concept from last year November goes again over the borders, this time to the complete other corner of Europe, Portugal.

    We invite you to read the invitation and book seats in advance via telephone or email. We expect again a warm embracement for this event so do not wait too long with your booking! Hope to welcome you at the 9th of February 2017, at 19.30!


  • January 18, 2017 - February 28, 2017

    Fine Dine Calendar in February

    Art Priori has all kind of breathtaking dishes, pleasant creativity and surprising events in mind for 2017. January is the month of recovering from december festivities, february has some fine dine highlights on the program.

    In february we are delighted to announce a new Art exhibition. We will say goodbye to the very special paintings from Jus Piho. Time for the extraordinairy expressions of ……..Then, between the 6th and 10th of February we organise our own Art Priori wine event, based on the very successful title “How to paint champagne?” our champagne event last year November. Fantasticly choosen wine will be in the lead to new and again creatively refined early spring dishes from our headchef, Mart Klaas. 

    Valentines Day is another highlight, it will be your most special Valentines Day ever, with a specially designed degustation menu where “LOVE” is visible in romantic dishes. Dining with your intimates that evening means a complete different Art Priori experience, as the restaurant will be painted red. 

    One of Art Priori’s values, INDEPENDENCY comes back in a surprising new dishes Independence Menu, the week before Independence Day, the 20th till the 24th. Beautiful, tasty and proudly new dishes are carefully served to you as a guest. On the 23rd of february will be a final Independence Party with exquise moments and special elements, to celebrate independence Day.

    Our welcoming staff and creative kitchen hope to see you on one of the february events, to make winter a bit less cold and grey with new and unique innovative Art Priori dishes and experiences!!

  • November 17, 2016

    How to paint Champagne!?

    Art Priori’s first real Champagne event with the famous “Perrier Jouët “. 

    On thursday, the 17th of November at 19.30 o’clock, Art Priori organizes in association with “Perrier Jouët” its first real Champagne event. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere we offer you a perfect balance of tongue stroking bubbles from the most famous winedistrict in France, a delicate and delicious degustation of seafood is offered by our headchef Mart Klaas. The title of the evening, “How to paint Champagne” promises already an important connection with Art, where we will offer you some real art surprises! Of course all in a setting of music which fit with the atmosphere. 

    Participating in this event, you will get some interesting and inside facts of the different types and years of Perrier Jouët champagnes which you will taste. Our guest of honour, Jean de Castelnau, is connected with “Perrier Jouët”. he has a huge passion for Champagnes in general and “Perrier Jouët” specific. Art Priori feels honoured he wants to share this passion with you as a guest, in our beautiful restaurant. 

    If you want to be a part of this exclusive event, please let us know. Or via telephone 6003353 or via email: Price is 125 euro. 

    Hope to see you the 17th! Let us give you a wonderful evening in the dark november month.

  • Jüri Mildebergborn in 1965, is an autodidact in art. His father was the famous graphic artist Aleksander MildebergJüri is best known as an illustrator and designer of children’s books who has won several prizes and has been widely recognized. He has had numerous exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad that have always charmed with their uniqueness, fantasy and humour. Mildeberg’s works speak of a kind, warm and simple world.

    According to the artist himself he is engaged in details that are important. In Mildeberg’s painting a seemingly tiny object or idea acquires large dimensionsinsignificant is brought into focus, becoming existential. Big becomes small or small becomes unexpectedly big.

    Mildeberg works in mixed technique, he often uses wood boards on which he either paints or adds various strange objects. As a whole Mildeberg’s creative work is like a panopticon in itself – a collection of curiosities, peculiar painted or real objects that have been brought out from somebody’s back roomassociated with somebody’s memories, remote history, politics or then with nothing at all.

    The artist has called himself a hedonist who enjoys what he is doing – enjoys the feeling how his hands make something complete, how material obeys thought and in the combination of everything new intriguing visual worlds are born to be shared and to rejoice over. Jüri Mildeberg is a profoundly positive hero and such are also his works of art creating atmosphere in the little hall of Art Priori.

  • The exhibition consists of a selection of still lifes and genre paintings from the angleof a Renaissance man; from the era when art carried the morale and ethics prevalent in society and the message of a better man, but also aspiration toward the new and intriguing. The man of those times searched inspiration from the past, from antique mythologyreturned to the values and truths of the days gone by to link them with his time. The persons behind Art Priori in their turn have looked for inspiration in art and architecture of those times. Experience of the past that reaches the modern days is ofeternal value; man has carried it carefully over generations as the best asset possible.

    The exhibition is a parallel to the exhibition “Art Rules” organized by Art-Life Project in Tallinn Town Hall where original paintings from private collections by the most famous Flemish and German artists like Peter Paul Rubens, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Dürer, Jan and Pieter Brueghel and many others are displayed. In Art Priorithe works of the distinguished contemporaries of those authors are exhibited

    More detailed information regarding the era and art is available at